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  • week 1

    week 1
    This is week one of your pregnancy, but you're not officially pregnant yet. It might seem confusing, but your doctor will track your pregnancy and due date from the first day of your last period
  • week 2

    week 2
    You still don't feel any different, but right now you're at the most fertile time of the month you're ovulating! If a sperm makes its way to a waiting egg in your fallopian tube, you're going to conceive.
  • week 3

    week 3
    Finally, you're pregnant! Sperm and egg have officially merged into one single cell, called a zygote. Inside that cell, a lot is going on.
  • week 4

    week 4
    Now that the embryo has attached to the wall of your uterus, the real work begins. Cells are dividing that will create all of your baby's organs.
  • week 5

    week 5
    You still might not recognize your baby yet. At this stage, he or she looks like a tiny collection of tubes.
  • week 6

    week 6
    baby's tiny heart has started to beat.
  • week7

    Even though you're only in your second month, your baby's body is already forming every organ it will need — including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines.
  • week 8

    week 8
    You might not look pregnant yet, but you probably feel it! If the morning sickness hasn't set in, you're at least feeling more tired than usual.
  • week 9

    week 9
    Your baby weighs about 1/8 of an ounce
  • week 10

    week 10
    That early appendage is now completely gone. Also gone is the webbing between baby's fingers and toes
  • week 11

    week 11
    Your baby has become very active, though you probably can't feel any flutters just yet.
  • week 12

    week 12
    By the end of this week, your risk of having a miscarriage drops significantly, and you might want to start telling friends and family that you're expecting.
  • week 13

    week 13
    Hopefully you're over any morning sickness you had. Now, you should be putting on weight.
  • week 14

    week 14
    Your baby is right around 4 inches long from the top of the head to the rump and weighs about 4 1/2 ounces
  • week 16

    week 16
    It measures 11 to 12 cm and weighs about 80 grams. At this time the appearance of the fetus is more similar to that of a baby:
  • week 17

    week 17
    With the 17th week of pregnancy the fifth month of gestation begins. The length of the fetus is about 10 centimeters from the head to the buttocks and weighs approximately 100 grams.
  • week 15

    week 15
    Baby's muscles are getting stronger, and he or she is testing them out by moving around, making fists, and trying out different facial expressions.