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  • Pocahontas's Early Years

    Pocahontas's Early Years
    Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the leader of an alliance of about 30 Algonquian-speaking groups and petty chiefdoms in Tidewater Virginia known as Tsenacommacah. As for her mother she is still unknown to this day. Many English narratives see Pocahontas as a princess but she was actual an other typical girl growing up in Tsenacommacah.
  • What Pocahontas Meant

    What Pocahontas Meant
    She was a symbol of peace and proof that people of different natures could learn to live together."Pocahontas" was a childhood nickname that meant "little wanton" others said it mean "playful one".
  • What Pocahontas did as a child

    What Pocahontas did as a child
    Pocahontas was her fathers favorite daughter while he had a handful of daughters. At a young age her and most other females learned how to forage for food and firewood, farm and built thatched houses. She also contributed to preparing for many feasts or any other celebrations.
  • Pocahontas's Early Acquaintance

    Pocahontas's Early Acquaintance
    Pocahontas’s had an early acquaintance with Capt. John Smith after his capture by Powhatan’s men in 1607. Pocahontas about twelve years old, became a frequent visitor at Jamestown and an important supplier of food for the colonists. She also became an informer for the colony, she also told Smith of her father’s belligerent plans.
  • Pocahontas Saving John Smith

    Pocahontas Saving John Smith
    After John Smith was captured and brought to Pocahontas's village, John was supposed to be beat to death with a club Pocahontas threw her body over his. It is a law that if a women asks for a man then she will get him. A ceremony was held and Smith later became her brother and he was let free.
  • Pocahontas's Capture

    Pocahontas's Capture
    After Smith’s return to England, Pocahontas disappears for many years. She shunned the English, who were at war with Powhatan. To force Powhatan’s submission, Capt. Samuel Argall in 1613 lured Pocahontas on board a ship and held her hostage. During captivity, she was converted to Christianity and baptized as “Rebecca.” In 1614 she married John Rolfe.Powhatan grudgingly agreed to a truce with the colony that lasted until 1622.
  • Pocahontas's Starts Her Own Family

    Pocahontas's Starts Her Own Family
    In April 1614, she and John Rolfe married. The marriage led to the "Peace of Pocahontas;". The Rolfes soon had a son named Thomas. The Virginia Company of London, who had funded the settling of Jamestown, decided to make use of the favorite daughter of the great Powhatan to their advantage. They thought, as a Christian convert married to an Englishman, Pocahontas could encourage interest in Virginia and the company.
  • Pocahontas Confronts Her Father

    Pocahontas Confronts Her Father
    After being held captive for an entire year. Pocahontas confronted her father. She was upset that he refused to make the necessary trades to bring her home. She was so angry she decided to stay with the English permanently.
  • Pocahontas's Death

    Pocahontas's Death
    She was very ill, probably from diseases. Pocahontas died in March 1617, after boarding a ship for a return to Virginia, and was buried in Gravesend, England.
  • Pocahontas's Grave Is Lost

    Pocahontas's Grave Is Lost
    After a fire destroyed the church at her grave site. Pocahontas's exact burial site became lost. Today a statue at St. George's Church honors her memory. You can still go see it to this day.
  • Period: to

    Pocahontas Lifespan

    Pocahontas was born around 1595 and died around March 1617.