Pittsburgh Steelers History

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  • 1974 NFL draft

    The Steelers had long established the greatest draft acuity in NFL history by the time the 1974 edition rolled around, having taken Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blount, Jack Ham and Franco Harris by that point. So what could beat five Hall of Famers in three years?
  • Lynn Swann’s acrobatic catches in Super Bowl X

    Lynn Swann caught just four passes in Super Bowl X. So why was he named MVP? Because two of them were all-time examples of athleticism and concentration. The first, which has come to be known as the “Kangaroo Catch,” came midway through the opening quarter and helped set up the Steelers’ first touchdown.
  • Steelers Super Bowl, No.2. America’s Team vs. The People’s Champion.

    In the first of three Super Bowls against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Steelers first back to back championships; the Steelers came out on top 21-17 in SB X in1976. Lynn Swan introduced himself to a national audience with a series of acrobatic catches that netted him the MVP, first Wide Receiver to ever earn that honor. Seven sacks by the Steel Curtain. The legend continued.
  • Steelers Super Bowl, No. 3. The People’s Champion vs. America’s Team.

    In a rematch against the Dallas Cowboys, seeking to become the first franchise to win three Super Bowls, the Pittsburgh Steelers lead by Terry Bradshaw’s aerial circus won SB XIII in 1979 35-31. MVP, Bradshaw.
  • #1. The Chief and The Art of the Deal.

    This Top Moment as the Greatest in Steelers History is brought to you by… rumors, or as we say, “I heard it through the Grapevine.” Talk around town in the early days centered around how owner Mr. Art Rooney came to own the team.
  • NFL divisional playoff

    Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger tripping-up Indianapolis Colts’ Nick Harper on a fumble return late in an NFL divisional playoff football game in Indianapolis. Roethlisberger’s tackles saved a probable touchdown and the Steelers held on to win, 21-18.
  • Strong Safety.

    Big Ben. AFC Ship on the line against the Colts, winner goes to the SuperBowl,1:20 on the clock, holding a 21-18 lead, Jerome Bettis Fumbles at the one-yard line, Nick Harper scoops the ball and off to the races.
  • Fast Willie Parker had to break an egg in his shoe and…Beat It, Beat it, No one wants to be defeated.

    Super Bowl XL, Seattle Seahawks in a tight contest in the third quarter then BOOM, SWOOSH and like Dash from the Incredibles, off Fast Willie went on a Super Bowl record 75yd touchdown capped off with a flip into the end zone.
  • James Harrison had the “runs.”

    Super Bowl XLII, Arizona Cardinals driving for the go-ahead score from the three-yard line, whoa nelly, that ain’t happening. Deebo steps in front of Kirk Warner’s pass and now its, “run Forest run” as he lumbered down the sideline with a convoy, scoring the longest interception in Super Bowl history. Oxygen, please.
  • The Ryan Shazier Moment.

    This moment in Steelers History was so special, it didn’t even need a number. Generational players come along every once in a while that help defines the spirit of a team, thus a city. Our collective hearts broke seeing Ryan carried off of the field in Cincinnati, only to see our collective tears flow, as we watched him walk out to announce the pick for the Steelers during the 2018 draft.