Pablo Picasso

Timeline created by ihes53
  • Birth

    He was born as Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.
  • First art

    First art
    Picasso started to paint.
  • Drawing

    Picasso started to draw, when he was seven.
  • First oil painting

    First oil painting
    When Picasso was 13 he made his first oil painting.
  • Conchita

    Conchita his seven year old sister died of diphtheria.
  • $$$

    He began to sell his work.
  • Paris

    Picasso went to Paris for the first time.
  • Blue period

    Blue period
    He had the Blue Period. He had this period because his close friend, Carlos Casagmas had died, so he was very sad.
  • Caravaggo

    Picasso discovers that Caravaggo (one of his favorite artists) committed suicide in Paris.
  • Back to Paris

    Back to Paris
    Picasso went back to Paris, after his sister died.
  • End of Blue Period

    End of Blue Period
    The Blue period ended.
  • Rose period

    Rose period
    Picasso had the Rose period. He has this period because he fell madly in love with a model, Fernande Oliver.
  • End of Rose period.

    End of Rose period.
    The end of the Rose period.
  • Olga

    He married his first wife, Olga.
  • Paulo

    Picasso had his first child, Paulo.
  • Maya

    He had his second child, Maya.
  • Claude

    He has his third child, Claude. He is alive today, at the age of 69. He is a director.
  • Paloma

    Picasso had Paloma. She is alive today, at the age of 67. She is a designer.
  • Jacqueline

    He married, his second wife, Jacqueline.
  • Death

    He diedn in Mougins France, when he was 91.
  • Paulo dies

    Paulo dies
    Paulo dies at the age of 54.