One flew over the cuckoos nest

Timeline created by gooooooooooo
  • Mcmurphy

    Mcmurphy previously finds out that Ratchet has the complete decision and control over his release in the ward. His behavior starts to be better but then he breaks the glass.....
  • Deaf and dumb

    In part three we get a look into chiefs past where he lived and acted before the ward. It shows the reason why chief is the way he is currently and why he has kept the deaf and dumb cover for so long.
  • The gum

    Chief finally says something for the very first time when Mcmurphy gives him a piece of gum. Chief actually uses words to thank him. And chief doesn't just thank him for gum when chief says thank you he is saying thank you for the way mcmurphy has impacted his life and changed the ward.
  • The list

    As the patients are signing the list to go on the trip the chief is confronted with a problem. If he signs the list the others and ratchet might suspect that he is not deaf but if he doesn't sign the list he cannot go on the trip
  • Fishing trip

    Throughout the trip all the patients are very scared and nervous and are heavily depending on McMurphy for support. As the patients are being taunted and attacked by people in the real world Mcmurphy constantly comes in to defend and assure them.
  • Significance

    The 12 patients went on the fishing trip which resembles the 12 men in the bible. Mcmurphy resembles jesus. While on the boat Mcmurphy lets the men feel like they are capable living in the real world and making them feel like they have worth. The patients feel like they cant function in society and mcmurphy is the one who is changing their outlook on life and boosting their confidence.
  • Childhood

    Mcmurphy leads the patients to his child hood home. The memories that have been brought back make him feel very depressed because of where he is at in life it also makes him depressed because of the bad things that happened in his past.He also talks about his first sexual encounter with a girl and the dress hanging in the tree which is the dress that the girl gave him.This represents a loss of innocence in his childhood because he experience things in his life at such an early age