Niels Bohr

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  • Bohr's Atomic Model

    Bohr's Atomic Model
    In 1912 Niels Bohr published 3 papers known as the trilogy on the atomic model, improving on Rutherford's model. He postulated that electrons existed in orbitals around the nucleus of the atom and it took a certain amount of energy to jump to a higher energy level and the same energy to be released when going back down to a lower energy level. Although not accepted by most scientists at first it help to explain the spectral lines of a hydrogen atom.
  • Niels Bohr Institute

    Niels Bohr Institute
    In spring of 1916 Bohr took a job as a professor at the university of Copenhagen as a theoretical physicist. They we're cramped in a small building and did not have many resources so only a year later he started campaigning for a new theoretical physics building. On March 3rd, 1921, he gave his inauguration speech for his new institute. He stated that theoretical physicists needed a place where they could test their statements.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    In 1922 Niels Bohr received a Nobel Prize for his work done on the structure of atoms and the radiation emitted by them. In his 1913 trilogy he devolved theory on the periodic table and came up with the idea of building atoms by adding 1 electron at a time according to his atomic model. He succeeded with his experiment and in 1923 discovered an element with atomic number 72 which its behavior was also predicted by his model and the element was named Hafnium which is Latin for Copenhagen.
  • Nuclear Physics

    Nuclear Physics
    Most of the 30's for Bohr was spent doing research on nuclear, and quantum physics and although he did not have any breakthrough discoveries he pave the way for a lot of ideas in nuclear physics, nuclear fission being one of them. He started a raised money to build a particle accelerator. He attended a physics conference in 1939 where he made discoveries about Uranium-235 and neutron capture. He conducted research on lights wave particle duality, and many more things with quantum physics.