New York

Timeline created by Lothrop105
  • 1524

    New York Harbor Discovery

    New York Harbor Discovery
    Giovanni da Verrazzano, a French explorer, sails into present day New York Harbor
  • First Dutch Settlement

    First Dutch Settlement
    The Dutch establish their first settlement
  • New Netherlands becomes New York

    New Netherlands becomes New York
    The British take New Netherlands from the Dutch and rename it New York
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany Plan of Union
    Benjamin Franklin suggests that the colonies band together to fight the French
  • Soldiers in New York

    Soldiers in New York
    British General Thomas Gage places troops in New York
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Stamp Act Congress
    Representatives for 9 colonies met up to plan a protest
  • First American Victory

    First American Victory
    Ethan Allen + Benedict Arnold commanded the Green Mountain Boys to capture Fort Ticonderoga and were successful
  • State Of New York

    State Of New York
    New York becomes the 11th state after America gained its independence
  • New York Stock Exchange

    New York Stock Exchange
    New York Stock Exchange is founded
  • New York's Capital

    New York's Capital
    Albany is named New York's official Capital
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    New York opens the Erie Canal
  • Slavery abolished

    Slavery abolished
    In 1827 New York passed a law forbidding slavery
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge
    The Brooklyn Bridge is done being under construction and opens
  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty
    The French dedicate the Statue of Liberty at New York Harbor
  • Great Blizzard of '88

    Great Blizzard of '88
    The great blizzard covers New York in snow for days
  • State Capitol

    State Capitol
    New York's Capitol is finished
  • First Skyscraper

    First Skyscraper
    New York's first skyscraper is built
  • Empire State building

    Empire State building
    New York's Empire State building is completed
  • World's Fair

    World's Fair
    The World's Fair opened for the first time
  • United Nations HQ

    United Nations HQ
    New York becomes permanent HQ for United Nations
  • St. Lawrence Seaway

    St. Lawrence Seaway
    New York's St. Lawrence Seaway opens
  • World Trade Center

    World Trade Center
    The World Trade Center, in NYC, is completed
  • "I Love New York"

    "I Love New York"
    The Slogan "I Love New York" is created by Mary Wells Lawrence and Charlie Moss
  • Terrorist Atack

    Terrorist Atack
    Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center kills 6 and injures over 1,000
  • 9/11

    2 airplanes crash into the world trade center
  • NYC Transit Strike

    NYC Transit Strike
    A worker strike shuts down the NYC Transit
  • National Purple Heart Hall of Honor

    National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
    The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor opens in New Windsor opens
  • Same-Sex Marriage

    Same-Sex Marriage
    New York allows Same-Sex marriage
  • Destiny USA

    Destiny USA
    Destiny USA, the largest mall in NY, opens in Syracuse
  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy
    Hurricane Sandy hits NYC with a devastating blow