New hampshire

Timeline created by Olivia Hyro
  • founded

    New Hampshire was founded in 1622
  • parties

    they sent to parties to settle New Hampshire in 1623
  • divided

    1629 new Hampshire was divided
  • John smith

    John smith
    1635 John smith explored New hampshire
  • john smith death

    john smith death
    1635 john smith died
  • establishment

    the state was established
  • first settlement

    thhe first new hampshire settlement was in 1638
  • Massachusetts gains control

    Massachusetts gains control
    Massachusetts gained control over New Hampshire in 1641
  • upper province

    became upper province in 1641
  • school

    schooling was required in 1642
  • Royal Province

    1680 new Hampshire became a royal province
  • Attacked

    new Hampshire was attacked by Native Americans in 1684
  • Governor

    John Wenthworth became governor of new Hampshire in 1717
  • Settlement

    scott irish immigrants settled in new Hampshire in 1719
  • great awakening

    the great awaking happened in 1734
  • Independence

    new Hampshire gained Independence in 1741
  • immegrants

    scottish and irish immegrants came to new hampshire
  • joined

    it was joined with the rest of the colonies in 1776
  • Independence

    it became a independant state in 1776
  • first convention

    the first constitutional convention happened in 1778
  • state

    new hampshire became a state in 1788
  • explosion

    an explosion killed 14 people in 1809
  • president

    franklin pierce became the 14th president in 1853
  • ship

    largest wooded ship was made