Navajo Code Talkers of WWII

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  • Pearl Harbor Attack

    Pearl Harbor Attack
    On December 7th, the Japanese attacked the U.S. Base in Hawaii. It killed many Americans. The Americans were so angry and upset they declared war against Japan. Once they declared war they officially were in World War II.
  • The Idea is Sparked

    The Idea is Sparked
    Philip Johnston got the idea of using the Navajo's language for a code in World War II. He presented it to Major James E. Jones. He explained that their language is very complex and it was unlike any other Indian languages. Johnston gave a presentation with a few other Navajos. At the end of the presentation everyone was impressed. After a bit it was decided to use the language.
  • Navajos are Recruited

    Navajos are Recruited
    In 1942, U.S Marines went to the Navajo Reservation and talked to Chee Dodge, who was the chairman of the council. He liked the idea and many Navajos were excited when they heard the news. Many wanted to go and fight for their country. Twenty-nine Navajos joined.
  • Battle of Tarawa

    Battle of Tarawa
    Tarawa was one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Like any other battle the Navajos worked around the clock to send messages and recieve them.
  • Battle at Iwo Jima

    Battle at Iwo Jima
    The American troops sent a lot of men into Iwo Jima. They sent more people there than any other area.
  • The End to the War

    The End to the War
    On August 5, 1945, the Japanese surrendered to the U.S. The Navajos' code was so hard to crack the Japanese broke down and surrendered the war.
  • Code Talkers Day

    Code Talkers Day
    On August 14, 1982 Ronald Reagan assigned that day to be National Code Talkers Day.
  • Medals

    The original 29 Navajo Code Talkers are awarded silver medals by the President of the United States.
  • Passing a Bill

    Passing a Bill
    The bill that honored the Navajo Code Talkers, the Congressional Gold and Silver Medals, was made into a law.
  • Making Monuments

    Making Monuments
    In 2004, a sculpter named Joe started making the statues of the Code Talkers. Eight Bronze Plagues are going to be included in the monument along with 429 names of Navajo Code Talkers.