My work life is not work at all <3

Timeline created by Nymphadora
  • Finish classes at UNSM

    Finish classes at UNSM
    I didn´t get my degree as soon as I finished my classes. I had to travel first to celebrate; so, I did a tour around San Martin and Loreto.
  • First important job

    I did my professional training in the school where I studied. Then I was hired in a Public school to teach primary students.
  • First freelance

    First freelance
    I had the chance to be an interpreter in a film festival.
  • Promotion

    Promoted from Primary to Secondary School. Here, celebrating teacher's day.
  • Alas Peruanas University

    Alas Peruanas University
    First time working in a University, teaching technical English for Systems engineering and health sciences.
  • Volunteering

    My first volunteer time was in San Martín, then I've never stopped. Always working with people from small towns or villages. I teach Spanish, reading, writing, speaking, English, math for children, also made movil libraries for orphan children.
    Found out that there is nothing more rewarding than taking educations and making people having more and better chances.
  • El Cultural

    El Cultural
    Working at El Cultural Binational Center had the chance to travel all around Perú and many countries of the world granted by the US Embassy. Been able to be in many events as participant, organizer, lecturer, speaker or even also as an assistant.
  • ELT Conference in Huancayo

    ELT Conference in Huancayo
    To present my project as Library Manager with a USA Embassy Grant. This day the Embassy told me I had to go to Dominican Republic for the ABLA Convention.
  • Educative Fairs

    Educative Fairs
    As part of a teacher's job we have to present our students achievements in different events for each school. In this case the event was "Let's love what is ours" held every year in July (Peruvian Independence Celebrations) where each city is represented.
  • My biggest challenge!

    My biggest challenge!
    Took a job as a Hostal Manager in Chile, had to travel every Monday in the morning to Santiago and return every Thursday, to continue my job in Viña. Finally, I left Viña and moved to Santiago. Started a new volunteering, took my vaccays in southern countries. Leaving Viña del Mar was my biggest change and sacrifice. But all was great and my best memories will be always those from Chile.
    BTW, in the picture I'm enjoying the sun at 20:47 hours still in the fifth region in Chile.
  • Teaching English to Korean children in Chile

    Teaching English to Korean children in Chile
    While living in Chile I had the chance to volunteer in a Korean Christian Church. Used to teach English to Korean children. In exchange of that the Church gave me an acupunture treatment.
  • UCV

    Had the chance to teach English at UCV in Piura. A great experience with El Niño phenomenon included XD
  • Santa´s Elf

    Santa´s Elf
    Working as a seafarer, people had to participate actively in all kind of activities at any time XD
  • Seafarer

    Worked in the biggest and newest ship of the world. Here, visiting Bahamas. Where I had to stay longer than I thought thanks to the COVID 19 quarantine.