My life in a timeline

Timeline created by wsleno
  • I was born In...

    I was born In...
    I was born In Oct. 20 1999, the month where halloween is. Halween is 2nd favorite holiday. fun times when I was still young enough to go trick r treatin'.
  • Kindergarten

    In Kindergarten, I had a teacher name "Ms. Baker. She was my favorite teacher in elementery, she's nice to talk to.
  • violin

    I started violin when I was in 5th grade, It wasn't that hard to me when I started. To me it was simple.
  • 5th grade

    5th grade
    In 5th Grade, I had a teacher names Ms. Zimmerman. In my 5th grade year, it was her last day. She was a fun teacher.
  • 7th Grade Athlos Traditional Academy

    7th Grade Athlos Traditional Academy
    In 7th Grade, the First school I went to is the school called Athlos Traditional Academy. Even though I miss the school, it was a pain, I had good friends over there, and also my orchestra class. I was surprised I was the best one in orchestra.
  • 7th grade mesquite Junior High School

    7th grade mesquite Junior High School
    In 7th Grade I moved from Athlos to Mesquite. Which I thought was a really good school
  • 8th Grade

    8th Grade
    In 8th Grade, I realized that 7th graders can be so annyoing. I still had the teachers I hated so much since 7th Grade. It was still a good year... Until I want to my last hour. -.-
  • Before I started 9th Grade

    Before I started 9th Grade
    Before I started 9th grade, my mom and dad were gonna take me to Hamilton. After we hada tour for Hamilton, we figured out that they didn't have this special thing called "IEP" for students. So I dicided, that we can go to the school called "Mesquite". We knew they had IEP things fror student, because I have a friend who also has IEP.
  • 9th Grade

    9th Grade
    This year, I started school at a place called Mesquite. Right now there are teachers I don't even like over there. But I did make good new friends.