My Life Events

Timeline created by groneman
  • My Birth

    The day I arrived. :)
  • Moved to Mapleton

    No houses around then
  • I was baptized

    Age 8
  • Got Stitches

    Age 10
  • Got Braces

  • Surgery on Nose

  • Worked for Mountain Springs

    1st job
  • Surgery on my Hand

  • Ordained and Elder

    Melchizedek Priesthood
  • My Grandpa died

    Lost a Hero
  • Worked for Western Quality Concrete

    I hate construction!
  • Graduated High School

    Woo Hoo!
  • Went to the Temple for Endowments

    1st time
  • Went on a Mission

    Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh 1993-1995
  • Worked for Valtek

  • Shot my Moose

    No bonus points! Chalk Creek with Eldon. One shot at very close range. Lots of work!
  • Worked for Fort Knox Safes

    Dunkley and I bending safes
  • Worked at IHC DIetary

    Sweet uniforms! Where I met Heidi. She loved my Mullett
  • Painted Houses for Court Wilson

    Good times with my bud Court. Love Undercoater! 1997-2004
  • Got Married to Heidi

    Best day of my life! Mount TImpanogas Temple
  • Lived in Springville

  • Trace was born

    1st son
  • Graduated from UVSC

    College over!
  • Highered as a Teacher at Mapleton Elementary

    3rd, 6th, 5th grades 2004 to present
  • Gage was Born

    2nd son
  • Moved to Santaquin

  • Utah Utes Football

    Season Ticket Holder since 2008
  • Kash was Born

    3rd son
  • Shot my 6x6 Elk

    Roadless Bookcliffs with Evan, Clark, Dad, Steve M, and his dad. One shot at 500 yards. Heck of a trip
  • Brylee was born

    Baby girl! My Princess
  • My Grandma Died

    Lost another Hero
  • Shot my Rocky Mtn Goat

    Evan and Clark the best guides ever! Love Red Castle. Only a 100 ft drop and 16 shots at 500+ yards. Glad my dad was there
  • Built House Moved to Spanish Fork

    2014 to present
  • Ordained to a High Priest