My Life

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  • The birth of my little sister

    The birth of my little sister
    I do not really remember my sister being born, but I am so thankful that she was. My sister is probably one of my best friends and I am so thankful to have her in my life
  • My best friend for life

    My best friend for life
    In kindergaden, I met my best friend Abbi. On that first day of school I walked up to her to ask what happened to her arm since it was in a cast and I was nosy. We have been best friends ever since.
  • My puppies

    My puppies
    This year we adopted 2 cute little puppies named Crimson and Clover from Sierra's Haven. They were my little angels. Sadly, one year later, Clover passed away due to her stomach flipping, but her sister is still with us today.
  • Graduation

    Graduation was probably one of my favorite days ever. I did not enjoy high school at all and I was so happy to get out. I was beyond excited to start college and see what the future held for me.
  • Shawnee

    I was super excited to start college and to figure out what I wanted to do. The original major I chose was pre-med. Later, I decided that it was not the right decision for me; but you learn from your mistakes and this mistake led me to where I am now.
  • Wendy's

    In August, I applied to Wendy's in Lucasville. I have been working there ever since. I love my job and my coworkers so much. Shockingly, I really love working there. I have made some life long friends there and I could not be happier.
  • This class

    Currently my major is early childhood/intervention specialist and in order to graduate, this is a class that I must take. I am excited to learn about phonics :)