my life

Timeline created by luisa espitia
  • my birth

    my birth
    I was born in 2005 in Bogota, it had been a miracle since my mother had a high risk pregnancy
  • My first year

    My first year
    it was my first birthday it had been a very good year because my mom was always with me
  • costume

    my mom made this clown costume for me, i had been very obedient so i deserved that costume that my mom made with all her love
  • graduation

    I graduated from first year I was very young, I had been very judicious with my homework
  • haircut

    my mom decided to cut my hair like a lady from the 70's
  • pet

    I had seen that my mother wanted a pet so with my money saved I decided to buy my dog from Sacha (I don't have a photo of when she was little so I'll leave this one)
  • nephews

    My older brother gave me the best news, his wife was pregnant with twins, I had been very sad until they gave me that news, it was really the best thing that happened
  • best friend

    best friend
    I met my best friend the day before my birthday, she is amazing, I had talked to her before but we were not so close, now we are very close, I love her, she is my person.
  • amazing teacher

    amazing teacher
    Last year I met the best English teacher, I had received very nice comments from her, and if it is true she is an incredible teacher I love her
  • my fifteen

    my fifteen
    This year I turned 15, they made me an incredible party, without a doubt it was my best day, I was with my loved ones, I had asked for a quiet party but my mother made it much better