My Government Establisment Timeline

Timeline created by ezmarolls
In History
  • Religious Extremist Group takes control of the government

    During times of hardship people turned to religion for an outlet for their problems. During this time an extremist group took control of the government through intensive propaganda to enforce and justify a religious state and using their religious laws as a means of judicial punishment.
  • Protests for religious freedom

    After several decades of religious intolerance, the populace grows tired of having to hide their faith from religious police. Demonstrations pop-up throughout the country.
  • Death of Protest leader Paul Martin

    The death of the protest leader and religious freedom leader was murdered and beaten by the religious police. This sparks national outrage and the country takes to the streets protesting religious intolerance. Several riots take place and many religious police families are targeted by intimidation.
  • Religious Group (RFE) loses mainstream support

    The RFE lose mainstream support as the protesting intensifies and more accounts of abuse by the government and it's paramilitary force killing people who speak against their religion are discovered. The current cabinet goes into a fortified bunker guarded by their most loyal fiercest fighters.
  • RFE Remnants Defeated

    The remaining RFE remnants are defeated and the rest are exiled from fair judgement. The cabinet that was in a fortified bunker all commit suicide as the citizen army draws near. The new constitution of the government is written and signed marking the new governments birthday