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  • Birth Day

    Birth Day
    I was born in Txagorritxu hospital of vitoria-gasteiz, the same day of mi uncle. I was born on a sunday. I was bald and I was born without crying. My grandmother is scared because since she didn't cry even if they hit me, she got into a bathtub face down and almost drowned me but I started crying.
  • Gap in the left eyebrow

    Gap in the left eyebrow
    My sister's father when we were in a park quickly grabbed me by the body and made me spin around without wanting to. My eyebrow opened and no hair has grown back, there is on the scar
  • Chickenpox

    I spent a week and a half with the baricela. It dragged me so much that it hurt me. My mother would put a cream all over my body so that I could sleep. Once they had to take me out of class because I cried a lot from the itch and they took me to the doctor.
  • Staples on the head

    Staples on the head
    One day I was sitting in bed, a bed that was made of floor. My sister opened the window and left it at the level of my head, she left and when I went to get up I stuck the corner of the window on my head.
  • Scar on the left knee

    Scar on the left knee
    One day I left my sister locked in my grandmother's bakery with the lights off, I ran out when I closed the door I ran and because of karma I fell into a sewer and opened my knee