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    My mother told me that the contractions started at seven in the morning until 11 at night but the expulsion was quick .I was born naturally but with an epidural.In general the birth was quite fast and safe.After the birth my grandparents and my mother's best friends came to visit.

    wen i was a year old, i had an hipotomic conbulsion caused by fiver. I was eating and then I had the conbulsion and the food went out the other side.and i went several minutes without breathing and almost died.then my mother took the food out of my mouth and I was able to breathe, and then i spent the whole afternoon in the hospital

    when I was barely two years old I got sick all the time and caught all the diseases.So they do me an analysis and found to be anaemic.So i had to dreank iron.
    But that wasn't the only time I had anemia,
    I basically spent my entire childhood with anemia

    wen I was 4 years I have scarlet fever. My parents don't really remember all the details, but I got a tongue full of pimples like a stranberry and my thighs and my chest were maroon red.I had a high fever and was given antibiotics.

    When I was 2 and 6 years old I had pneumonia, the first one wasn't so bad but in the second one I had fevers so high that they did not go down even with dalsi and apirelal combined, they gave me antiviotics during 10 days.
  • stitcheson my chin

     stitcheson my chin
    when I was 10 years old I was roller skating in the park, it was spinning in the park when I stumbled on a branch and turned and fell to the ground with my chin and opened it, and began to bleed so much that the pink coat I had turned red then my mother took me to the hospital and I had to get four stitches