My biography

Timeline created by María Elena Chuvirú León
  • my birth

    my birth
    I was born in a community,I was born very well, my parents were very happy for my arrival.
  • First year in school

    at the school El Puquio cristo rey, I was happy, because I would have many friends
  • Good student

    when they gave me the recognition of being a good student, my parents were very happy, and they gave me a gift a viclet
  • My chirstening

    I was baptized at 12 years old, I and other brothers,it was beautiful to give my life to chirst. My parents were happy about my decision.
  • Camp

    In conception sc. it was that camp that we made with my brothers and dad. It was very nice, we had fun and listened to the word of god
  • Favorite sport

    This year was when I started to get excited about basquetball. Me and other girls atart training for the olympics, those moments were the best
  • Bad moment

    This year something happened to me that I had never imagined, since I broke my arm to play basquetball in the middle of training. My friends helped me up until I got home.
  • Olympics

    These moments were unforgettable, because it was the fist time we won in our municipality, this prompted me to continue with the same love for basquetball. my friends and I traveled to another municipality to compete with other teams in the pluris.
  • My graduation

    When I graduated from school, it was unique and special, because I graduated as a technical baccalaureate in humanities, I received an important document with which to continue studying (high school diploma), and my medium technical document in Veterinary, ILC document and recognition of good student with 1000 Bs. the most beautiful thing is that all my family was.
  • Entrance to the high school of teacher training

    It was very important to me, because I knew that from that moment my life would have another destination. Thank God I was able to enter by my notes, modality B, It was wonderful at the same time sad for leaving my family and the house.