My High School Life Events

Timeline created by Derrick Yazzie
  • Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

    Trip to Atlanta, Georgia
    The spring break before my Freshmen year. At the time, my father was working in Alabama. He decide pay for our flight out to Atlanta. The plan was to drive all the way back to Arizona. First, we visited Georgia Aquarium, Coca-Cola Museum, and Hard Rock Cafe to eat. The next day, we were in New Orleans walking down Bourbon street. I eat alligator meatballs in Royal Sonesta Hotel. The rest of the trip we did not stop till we got home.
  • First Day of High School

    First Day of High School
    I was nervous on my first day, I had no idea what to expect. The thing going though my mind was "I don't think I'm ready for this". I just missed being a kid and having no responsibilities.
  • Got a puppy

    Got a puppy
    This was one of the best days in my life and I didn't back then. I got a Chihuahua and I named him, Caesar. Caesar is currently still under my care and I plan to keep it that way for years to come.
  • Trip to North Dakota

    Trip to North Dakota
    The trip started off with us going to Utah. Our first stop was at Hill Aerospace Museum and then Clearfield Aquatic. Later on, we made it to Yellowstone National Park.
  • Spring Break trip to San Diego

    Spring Break trip to San Diego
    On Sunday, the first stop of the trip was at the Imperial Sand Dunes. Three days later, we went to Sea world and even visited Mission Beach.
  • Helped a injured dog

    Helped a injured dog
  • Suns vs. Bulls game

    Suns vs. Bulls game
  • The Birth of My Nephew

    The Birth of My Nephew
  • Space Needle in Seattle

    Space Needle in Seattle
  • My dad left to Hawaii

    My dad left to Hawaii