Most important events of my life

Timeline created by David Santiago 10°a
  • My birth

    My birth
    How has my mother could give me birth? when we know the hardest that this is, and funny to me because i was born at 12:00 pm, the people dont know what birthdate give me
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    The hardest week for me when I was a baby

    How has my mother could felt when literally i wasn't breathing?, its crazy this question, but is true, how a mother can feel when his son his sick? i dont know but to me, its a big event, 'cause i could be live or die in that situation
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    My live in my old home

    how many years i was been in my first house and what significance i gave it? i lived in that house for 11 or 12 years old, my best years of my infancy, i played football every weekend, practically every month my cousins came it to my house, and we can kept playing all afternoon football, we went to my house to drank something to refresh us and played in my console all night til, one to one, we fell of the dream and woke up again to went to the park
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    The worst injury I committed to a partner

    Why had i done that ?, i don't know but today yet, im very sorry to my friend because i provided him a fatal bite in his shoulder, making it bleed and cried, and now, yet in my 15 years old i cant forget this
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    My worst wound

    how had i walked later when 3 kids to 7 or 8 years old fell on me?, and the bad of everything is that all the weight fell in my knee, i stayed in my bed 1 or 2 day 'cause this wound was very severe
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    When i learned to riding a bike

    how much times has i fell trying to learn to ride a bike? a lots, screaming and grief 'cause i could do, but with the help to my parents, a learn and practice about how to ride a bike, and today i can say that is satisfactory
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    My first entrepreneurship

    How had i could imagine that i what could do my own business?, obviously it was a project of primary, but with 8 or 9 years old, i considered like a great step in my life, 'cause in this i learned and understand that the life is hard, we need to quit out the fears and the heartache on cases we're going to speak with teh people, propouse to the people whatever you want to do, with trust in yourself
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    My first communion

    How much had i excited on the day of my first communion? a lot, 'cause it was a good day to me, i was with my friends, laughing and speaking of whatever thing that we thought and happening in this day, and i remember why i cant forget this day, in my communion, the last step to culm it was make the hike with the candle, but this same day, Colombia played in the Brazil cup 2014, so my father take me off of the hike and he took me to my home to saw the match
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    My first time when I went to a paintball

    had we enjoyed shot us with paintballs each others? yes we do, a lot, you feel like if you are in a war, you didn't know to who shoot, the fear introduce in you, the fear to be shot, the adrenaline that you can feel 'cause you dont know where are the enemys, or if they stay it aim you, ready to the shoot, for my experience, i can tell you that this is a wonderful activitie to share with your friends