Medical Timeline

Timeline created by montanabrown001
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    Hippocratic Oath was created

    Hippocratic Oath was created
    The original oath was written in Ionic Greek
  • thermometer

    the thermometer was made by Daniel Gabriel
  • X-Ray

    an x-ray is something that is able to scan threw your skin to find a broken bone
  • First woman to gain a Medical degree

    this person was Elizabeth Blackwell

    Willem Einthovden made the first Electrocardiography
  • Rubber Condom

    this was invented by Charles Goodyear
  • aspirin

    Felix Hoffmann discovered aspirin
  • penicillin

    penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming
  • ultrasound

    ultra sound is used for pregnant women, and to tell if their baby is doing okay.
  • CPR

    CPR is basically used to help people breath again
  • Heart Transplant

    Heart transplant was discovered by Chris Benard
  • Full Face Transplant

    the first full face transplant was in 2010
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    First Eyeglasses invented

    Primitive glass-blown lenses were set into wooden or leather frames.
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    The first stethoscope was invented in 1816
  • Period: to

    first painless surgery with anesthetic

    John Collins Waren, was the first to be put in surgery with Anesthetic