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  • My 20's

    In my 20's, I will be in undergraduate and graduate school. To maintain my health during these years, I will exercise regularly and use that time as my study breaks, I will snack healthily and eat at reasonable times (like before 10 pm) and I will take time for myself and not completely focus on my studies 24/7
  • My 30's

    In my 30's, I will take time to concentrate about my mental health. I will do things that I enjoy doing- such as traveling, cooking and painting. I will meditate a couple times a week and encourage my kids and husband to join me. I will also dedicate more time to practicing my religion.
  • My 40's

    In my 40's, and as my children begin to get older, I will start to get back on track with a healthy diet. I will prepare fresh, organic lunches for myself, my husband and my children that will help us stay energized. I will start eating breakfast- a meal I usually do not eat- and will make it a family ritual so that my family and I can center ourselves before going off to a busy day.
  • My 50's

    In my 50's, I will start to incorporate a broader exercise routine. Though in my younger years I have been running and doing other cardio exercise, I am beginning to age and with that come new exercises! I think I might incorporate swimming, yoga and maybe pilates into my weekly schedule.
  • My 60's

    In my 60's, I will most likely have grandchildren and be very focused on them. To help my children in anyway possible, I will cook and have sleepovers with my grandchildren. To remain active, I will go on nature walks with them and make them delicious health meals all the time.
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