Life cycle of a Plant

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  • Seed

    Seeds are much like babies of the plants. Seeds contain the embryo of the plants with necessary food and an outer coating for protection. The seeds are dispersed across the land by many ways (river, air, animals, and humans). When they fall on the rich soil with necessary things, they germinate and start their life.
  • Germination and seedling

    Germination and seedling
    When the conditions in the soil are just right, the seed germinates. First, it breaks the outer coating and begins growing its first roots and leaves. When the first sign of life from a seed appears out of the soil, it is called seedling.
  • Growing to maturity

    Growing to maturity
    The seedling continues to grow to its full maturity. The plant needs many necessary things during its growth. When plants become mature, they have to get stronger roots and an increased number of branches and leaves. At this stage, they are ready to make flowers and new seeds.
  • Flowering, pollinating and seeding

    Flowering, pollinating and seeding
    When plants become mature, they start to make flowers and pollen. When the flower pollinates, it produces seeds.