Lewis and Clark

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  • Escaped the claws

    Escaped the claws
    Lewis and Clark were now in grizzly country. They came across a group of bears. they managed to escape only hurting one bear.
  • Fork in the Road

    Fork in the Road
    June 3erd, Lewis and Clark cane to a fork in the river. The men were very careful when deciding which side to follow. One wrong decision could be a huge hinderance to there expedition.
  • The Falls

    The Falls
    Lewis became the first white man to ever set his eyes on the falls of the Missouri river. Lewis was astonished when he laid eyes on the falls because he realized there was not just one fall. Instead there was five.
  • Racing against Time

    Racing against Time
    Lewis and Clark had to get through Missouri as quickly as possible before winter came and Missouri froze over.
  • Fist Sighting

    Fist Sighting
    At last Lewis had come across an indian. The indian was on horse back and appeared to be a Shoshone indian. This man lead the men to his chief. And lucky for Lewis and Clark the man turned out to be Sacagawea's brother.
  • Is that the Sea?

    Is that the Sea?
    Clark believed they had finally reached the coast. he wrote in his journal " Ocian in view! O the joy!" but what he thought was the ocean only turned out to be the estuary of Columbia.
  • The Corps of Discovery

    The Corps of Discovery
    The corps of discovery took off at Fort Clatsop. and they began to travel up the coast to Columbia.
  • Parting Ways

    Parting Ways
    Lewis and Clark reached Travelers Rest. Lewis and Clark thought that it would be best if they parted ways so that they could explore more of the Louisiana territory.
  • What did they shoot ?

    What did they shoot ?
    While out hunting Clarks group of men shot at what they thought was an elk but turned out to be Lewis. The shot hit Lewis in the thigh and although it was painful it was not a fatal injury.
  • Home at Last

    Home at Last
    The Corps of Discovery had returned to the Mississippi River at noon. When they docked on shore they were greeted by 1 thousand people in St. Louis.