Latin American Revolution

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  • Napoleon's Invasion

    Napoleon's Invasion
    Napoleon's armies invaded both spain and Portugal.
  • Padre Miguel Hidalgo first steps

    Padre Miguel Hidalgo first steps
    Padre Miguel Hidalgo a priest in the small village of Dolores, took the first step towards independence.
  • Simon Bolviar Decalared Independences

    Simon Bolviar Decalared Independences
    Simon Bolivar decalared Venezula's independences from spain.
  • Padre defeat

    Padre defeat
    A army of 80,000 men who feared the loss of their property, control of the land, and their life. The army defeated Hidalgo.
  • Napleon's defeat

    Napleon's defeat
    After Napoleon's defeat, King John and the Portugese government returned to Portugal six years later.
  • Argentina Declared independence

    Argentina Declared independence
    San Martin's Argentina Had declared its independences, even though spanish forces in nearby Chile and Peru still posed a threat.
  • Simon Bolivar won Independence

    Simon Bolivar won Independence
    Bolivar had won Venezuela's independence from spain and together they would decde the future of the Latin American Revolutionary movement.
  • San Martin's Plan

    San Martin's Plan
    Sanmartin planned to drive remaining spanish forces out of Lima, Peru. In the last major battle of the war for independence, the spanish colonies in Latin America won their freedom.