Lake Mungo

Timeline created by ebonyfawcett
  • 40000 years ago

    huge amonts of water filled the lake. it covered 130 square kilometeres and was 6-8 metres deep. Their were many animals around the waters edge. ABoriginals lived around the lake in large numbers.
  • 19 000 years ago

    The climate became dier and warmer. EVentually the water stopped flowing to the lake and it dried out.

    Lake Mungo is one of 13 dried out lakes. It is now a national park area and is a World Heritage Listing.
  • Period: to

    30 000-19 000 years ago

    West winds blew across the landsape, red dust and clay was blown to the astern side and mixed with sand dunes. This began the formation of lunettes on the ast side and they are now called the 'Walls of china'. Vegation covered the dunes