Kenya Lanay's timeline page

Timeline created by Kenya.Ashby
  • Cymbalta

    This was one of the first words I learned when I was younger. It used to play as a commercial for that treated anxiety. My mom told me that I used to say that word all the time. This was the one word I remember the most.
  • One dollar bill

    One dollar bill
    When I was five I used to go to my papaw's all the time. Before I left he would always give me a one dollar bill. Then I would buy candy.
  • Light Changes

    Light Changes
    This is the thing they used to have when kids were being bad. I remember getting a red light everyday. While I stayed inside during recess, I remember playing typing game and that's how I learned letters.
  • Little readers

    Little readers
    I remember this from elementary school. Every week, my teacher would assign us a book to read for that week. The one I remember the most was Biscuit. We had to sign a paper proving that we read it. Then at the end of the week we would talk about it.
  • Firework

    This is Katy Perry song and it was the first song I learned to sing and it brought my love for music.
  • My Dad

    My Dad
    I remember listening to my dads stories and the way things were back then. I remember sitting on his porch and watching the cars go by and people walking down the street and the back road of Sharpsburg. Even though it's been five years since he's passed he taught me valuable things in my life.
  • Treble-makers

    I joined this group when I was twelve. I remember the nervousness I felt that day, waiting my turn before I was called. However, I made the group and it was one of the greatest experiences I've had. My favorite was the concerts we had at school. I remember stressing over the eye of the tiger song, but in the end it was great!
  • Softball

    My mom talked me into playing this sport. At first I was shy because, I didn't really know how to play. However, after that year I got a little better and made progress each year. I remember coach Anthony helping me throughout my softball journey. He taught me everything to know for the most part.
  • Talent Shows

    Talent Shows
    I was in the talent show from seventh to eighth grade. I remember that the first song I sang was lost boy by Ruth B. I remember feeling nervous, but after I heard the applause, I felt confident. The last year I was in it, I sang all I want by Kodaline. I was more calm but I still felt nervous. However, I had the same reaction as last year. This year, I'm planning on doing the talent show again.
  • New York

    New York
    This year, I went to New York for the sixth time this year. I remember going as a child to see Niagara Falls and going to the gift shop after. This year, we went on the boat to get closer to falls. On the other side, you can see Canada and all they have to offer. I remember when I was younger, we went to see the falls at night. They lit up fireworks and they had different colored lights on the falls. This is one memory I'll never forget.