John Wilkes Booth Timeline

Timeline created by David Olu
  • The assassination

    The assassination
    April 14, 1865, Booth shoots Lincoln. At this time, booth affects history greatly. The 16th president of the United States was shot, and killed. Booth jumps off the balcony and runs away.
  • Birth

    John Wilkes Booth was born May 10, 1838. He was born in Bel Air, Maryland. This was important, because it is when Booth was put into this world
  • First Play

    First Play
    At 17 years old, Booth did his first play. He found interest in plays from his father, and following his fathers footsteps. Booth now begins to make a name for himself
  • Richmond Grays

    Richmond Grays
    1859 Booth joins the Richmond Grays to capture John Brown. Booth witnesses execution of John Brown. This shows his support for slavery.
  • Success

    1860, Booth's career kicks off. He starts to become famous as an actor. He will be able to attend plays that are quite popular easily, including the ones Lincoln attends.
  • War Starts

    War Starts
    The Civil War starts, and Booth sides with the Confederates. Reason for hatred on Lincoln shown. This can also bring up his thoughts on what he wants to do to Lincoln.
  • Acting Success Continued

    Acting Success Continued
    1863, Booth becomes leading man to act in a 1500 seat theater opened by John T. Ford. Again, Booth advances in his career, and betters his goals. His fame easily gets him into Lincoln's play.
  • Plans Become Intense

    Plans Become Intense
    March 1865, Booth plans to kidnap Lincoln with friends. The plan fails, and Booth leaves. Lincoln dodged a bullet after changing his plans last second.
  • Kill Plan

    Kill Plan
    April 1865, Booth decides he wants to kill vice president, cabinet members, and Grant. This is after Lee's surrender. Booth decides this because he is unhappy with the outcome of the war
  • Lincoln's Fate

    Lincoln's Fate
    Booth decides when he wants to kill Lincoln. It's during a play, and he will shoot at the moment a funny line goes off. On the date April 14th, Lincoln's fate is decided.
  • Booth Dies

    Booth Dies
    April 26th, 1865, Booth is killed. He had a bounty placed on him, and is caught soon after his assassination. Booth goes down in history as the man who killed Abraham Lincoln