John Wilkes Booth

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  • Birth

    John Wilkes Booth was born May 10th, 1838
  • Knowing Nothing

    Knowing Nothing
    Both joins the Know-nothing party. A party that was anti immigration, another step towards the racism that would lead him to kill Lincoln.
  • Grand Debut

    Grand Debut
    Booth is in his first play, Shakespeare's Richard III. This starts up his acting career which will later help him with assassinating Lincoln.
  • Joining the Militia

    Joining the Militia
    Booth joins a Virginian militia formed to capture John Brown. He joined it to stop Browns fanatic anti-slavery messages.
  • Moving Up

    Moving Up
    Booth went on a tour around the country as a leading actor for Richard III due to his great charisma. On this trip he visits Ford's theatre, learning the ins and outs. Due to his charisma and fame he will be let into Ford's theatre to murder Lincoln.
  • Lincoln Gets Re-Elected

    Lincoln Gets Re-Elected
    Lincoln gets re-elected angering Booth and others, so Booth forms a plan to kidnap Lincoln. He believed that if he kidnapped the president he could hold him for ransom and then force the Union to surrender.
  • An Opportunity

    An Opportunity
    Booth gets a tip that the president will be seeing a play at a hospital. Booth believes that this is the perfect time to kidnap Lincoln, so he and others set up and wait for him to arrive. Lincoln decided to change plans at the last minute foiling Booth's plan.
  • Engaged

    Booth gets engaged to Lucy Lambert Hale, the daughter of a U.S. senator. (She leaves Booth after he shoots Lincoln)
  • Another Shot

    Another Shot
    Booth gets information that Lincoln would be at Ford's theatre watching the play Our American Cousin. Booth decides to kill Lincoln rather than assassinating him. Booth already knows his way around the theatre, so getting to and killing Lincoln wasn't going to be problematic.
  • The Assassination

    The Assassination
    At 10pm that same night Booth is aloud into the play for free due to his fame in acting. He soon snuck into Lincoln's balcony, which was supposed to be guarded but the guard left to go to a bar. Booth then shot Lincoln in the back of the head. After that he jumped off the balcony yelling "Sic Semper Tyrannis" meaning thus always to tyrants. He then broke his leg upon hitting the ground, and then escaped on horseback.
  • The Final Act

    The Final Act
    After runing away from the authorities for mulitple days, Both hides in Garret farm. The investigatiors find that Booth is hiding there and set fire to the barn. As the barn burned down, an officer shoot Booth in the neck, killing him hours later.