John Smith History 8 by Pawan Medidi

Timeline created by pawan r. medidi
  • Jan 6, 1580

    Beginning of John Smith's Life!

    Beginning of John Smith's Life!
    John Smith was born on January 6, 1580. He was raised on his family farm. He was taught to be a rich merchant when he was 16.
  • John Smith Enslaved

    John Smith Enslaved
    John Smith chose the path of military and adventure. He fought for money as a soldier. John Smith eventually went against the Turks in Hungary and gets captured. He turns into a slave and when he was punished severely, he killed his master. After that, he went back to England in the 1600's.
  • Pocahontas

    John Smith was on an expedition when he was captured by Native Americans. Powhatan, who was the leader of the tribe, had John Smith for execution when Pocahontas saved his life. She jumped in front before they killed him, so then, he was considered their "family".
  • Relationship with Powhatans

    Relationship with Powhatans
    John Smith decided to have a stronger bond with the Powhatans. He would trade food and fur to get a better relationship with them. Powhatan also thought it would be useful to trade with John Smith, so they did.
  • Settling in Jametown

    Settling in Jametown
    John Smith met with the Captain traveling to what is later known as America. Their goal is to get goods that will support their mother country. They started sailing at the end of 1606. They got there in 1607 and had a very hard time. Starvation happened and many historians today say there was cannibalism occurence.
  • Winter Struggle

    Winter Struggle
    Many people would die in the winter. John Smith was the leader so he was imprisoned for these deaths. People's crops were ruined and diseases would spread dangerously
  • John Smith becoming President of the Colony

    John Smith becoming President of the Colony
    John Smith became President of Jamestown. He was a strict but efficient ruler. He made a rule so whoever doesn't work, doesn't get to eat.
  • Serious Injury

    Serious Injury
    John Smith injured his leg really bad. A fire caught on his gunpowder and burned his leg. This made him return to England for recovery.
  • Naming The Land

    Naming The Land
    John Smith finally arrives again ready for more adventure. In 1616, he names the new territory discovered, "New England". Then he rturns to London to write about himself.
  • Death of John Smith

    Death of John Smith
    John Smith retired. He wrote about all the adventures he had. He would exaggerate a little bit and try to say how heroic he was. He then died on