John Brown

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  • John Brown’s Birth

    John Brown’s Birth
    John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut and was raised by his father, who hated slavery.
  • Brown is Scarred

    Brown is Scarred
    At age 12, Brown witnesses a black boy being beat. This event haunts him for the rest of his life.
  • John Brown Marries

    John Brown Marries
    John Brown marries his first of a few wives he will have during his lifetime. John Brown will be a father of 20 children during his life.
  • Problems with Money and People

    Problems with Money and People
    Brown at age 42 filed for bankruptcy and had more than 20 lawsuits filed against him.
  • Frederick Douglass meets with Brown

    Frederick Douglass meets with Brown
    They met in Springfield, Massachusetts. Douglass stated about the meeting that "though a white gentleman, [Brown] is in sympathy a black man, and as deeply interested in our cause, as though his own soul had been pierced with the iron of slavery." It was at this meeting that Brown first outlined his plan to Douglass to lead a war to free slaves.
  • The League of Gileadites

    The League of Gileadites
    John Brown helped establish the League of Gileadites, a orgonization that worked to help protect escaped slaves from slave catchers.
  • Pottawatomie Massacre

    Pottawatomie Massacre
    Bown and five of sons went on a night time raid where, five men were dragged out of their cabins and hacked to death.
  • Brown's Plan

    Brown's Plan
    Brown met with his followers in the free black community of Chatham, Ontario. He proposed that to provoke a black insurrection through raiding a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry.
  • Preparation for Raid

    Preparation for Raid
    Brown bought a farm near Harpers Ferry, to build up an arsenal of guns and prepare for the raid.
  • Raid at Harpers Ferry

    Raid at Harpers Ferry
    Bown and 21 other men, 5 blacks and 16 whites, raided a federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. His raid failed and was captured. 36 of Brown's men were captured or killed.
  • Virginia v. John Brown

    Virginia v. John Brown
    Brown's trial was held in Virginia. The state of Virginia wanted to prosecute Brown for his involvement in a raid on a federal armory at Harpers Ferry. He was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged.
  • John Brown's Death

    John Brown's Death
    John Brown was hanged and killed.