Iraq History

Timeline created by gzh4331
  • Setting the border between Turkey and Iraq

    The League of Nations set the border between Turkey and Iraq, putting the Mosul region in Iraq rather than Turkey despite the wishes of the local Kurdish population.
  • Iraq gaining independence

    Iraq was created as independent state under the monarchy of Faisal I. But, for independence from British control, Iraq had to allow an RAF presence, give Britain land and resources, and coordinate foreign policy with the British government for the next 25 years.
  • The assasination of General Bakr Sidqi

    General Bakr Sidqi, who came to power in Iraq in 1936 through a violent coup, was himself assassinated in Mosul.
  • The British invasion of Iraq

    British troops invaded Iraq to install a pro-British government. Iraqi leader Rashid 'Ali requested German support for his government, but Germany refused to intervene and 'Ali was forced to flee to Iran.
  • Central Treaty Orginization (CENTO)

    Iraq, Turkey, Britain, Pakistan, and Iran signed a treaty to have economic and military cooperation. This agreement was called the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO), but became better known as the "Baghdad Pact"
  • Cabinet resignition

    In Jordan, the Cabinet resigned in response to the riots that broke out in result to Jordan's participation in the Baghdad Pact, (a defense alliance originally created between Turkey and Iraq against the U.S.S.R.)
  • Withdrawl from the Baghdad Pact

    Iraqi leader Abd-al-Karim announced that his country was withdrawing from the Baghdad Pact.
  • Serving Diplomatic relations with West Germany

    Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, and three other members of the Arab League severed diplomatic relations with West Germany because that country had established formal diplomatic ties with Israel.
  • 15 year friendship treaty

    Iraq and the Soviet Union signed a 15-year treaty of "friendship and cooperation."
  • Invasion of Kuwait

    Iraq invaded Kuwait. UN Security Council Resolution 660 condemned the invasion and called for full withdrawal, but Saddam Hussein ignores this.