Indigenous Australian History

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  • When Trugnini Died

    When Trugnini Died
    Truganini was the last full-blooded Indigenous Tasmanian ever. She had had many tough times in her life as all of her family had been killed. She died of old age on the 8 May 1876, when she was aged 64.It was a significant day because now there is no full blooded Indigenous Tasmanians and very few descendants left.
  • Nicky Winmar

    Nicky Winmar
    On the 17th of April 1993 in a Australian Rules Football match Nicky Winmar lifted up his jersey, pointed to his skin and said “I'm black and proud of it”. This was significant because soon after lots of Indigenous Australians stood up to racism and came out of the shadows.
  • Kevin Rudd's Apology

    Kevin Rudd's Apology
    On February 13 2008 Kevin Rudd,who was the Prime Minister of Australia at that time, made a speech saying that on the behalf of Australia he apologises. He apologised for all the things the Government has done to Indigenous Australians over the years including The Stolen Generation. It doesn't mean things are healed but it is a step in the right direction.
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    The Stolen Generation

    Between 1910 and 1970 Indigenous children were forcefully removed from their homes and put into orphanages. They were then adopted into European families and sometimes never saw their birth families again. The Indigenous children were called mean names and often treated badly by their adoptive families . The reasoning behind why the Government took the children is that they believed that this way they could breed out the Indigenous Australians.