indie music

Timeline created by daniel.allen
  • The smiths

    the smiths form and write the single this charming man and recive good success from that.
  • TOTP

    the smiths apperred of top of the pops, morrisey took a hand full of flowers on stage instead of a micrphone to represent the fact that he was miming
  • more bands on the scene

    My bloody valintine, the red hot chillie peppers, and tthe tragicly hip are few of the bigger bands to emerged on the scene
  • The smiths first album

    the smiths first album was a self titeded album which sold very well and went to no 2 in the uk album chart
  • Soundgarden arives

    soundgarden is formed and makes a few singles
    the offspring are formed - even though they are more of a punk band but they are fantastic so it doesnt matter too much
    the red hot chilli peppers produce their first album which again is self titaled
  • More bands

    the stone roses are formed as well as radiohead and the happy mondays
  • album releases in 85

    the smiths release Meat is murder which peaked at no it doesnt say the other releases on note were the red hot chillie peppers with freeky styley
  • more bands forming

    the first of which would be the manic street preachers which were originally betty blue as well as some ofther bands such as No doubt and the Pixies
  • album releases

    the smiths release the queen is dead which charted at no 26 on the uk charts
  • more bands arive

    more bands form like alice in chains and nivana
  • ablum releases 87

    the smiths release the Strangeways, Here We Come which when to no 2 on the uk album chart as well as anothe ablum from the chilli peppers
  • more bands from 1988

    the most notible band would be nine inch nails as well as the smashing pumpkins