Hugh Glass Timeline

Timeline created by CCarson
  • Hugh glass wass born

    Hugh glass was born in Scranton PA in 1783 by two scottish irish parents.
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    Hugh glass timeline

  • Hugh glass captured

    Hugh glass was captured by the pirate Jean lafitte but escaped shortly after by swimming to the shore off of east coast of Texas and going to Galveston bay.This is important because after being captured and escaping he ended up being forced into piracy with lafitte and then he and a friend escaped to Galveston bay
  • Hugh glass and the Pawnees

    Glass is captured by wolf pawnee indians and his friend is burned alive in a sacrifice but they end up sparing him and then he also lives with them.this is an important event because when living with them he also found out the layout of the land and that helped him in the future when he goes on fur trading expeditions.
  • Battle with the Arikara

    When Glass is on an expedition with around 20 other people they are attacked by the Arikara tribe and 15 men are killed and glass is wounded in the battle then later he writes a letter to one of his friends parents to tell them about their son's death.This is an important event because it shows that yes indeed glass did have a conflict with the Arikara which later was probably a reason of his death and getting killed by them.And it also shows that glass and this guy had a good friendship.
  • Siege of the Arikara village

    After getting attacked by the Arikara tribe glass meets up with some of the people that were with him at the battle and make an alliance with a tribe that hates the Arikara and glass and his friends and the Sioux indians lay siege to the Arikara buy the Arikara tribe escapes and suffering only minimal loses.
  • Grizzly bear attack

    Glass is attacked by a grizzly bear that slashed him from head to foot while on a fur trading expedition.then he travels 300 miles to kill the 2 men that left him for dead.this is important because it's showing how strong he was to be able to get attacked by a grizzly bear fight it then he still lived and even traveled over 300 miles to kill the people that left him to die and he also got slashed from head to foot by the grizzly bear.
  • Battle at the Platte river

    Glass and some friends get into a battle with the Arikara tribe again at the Platte river.This shows that Glass and the Arikara tribe have had a long history of fighting Which also shows that him having all of these battles leads to his death after getting into a battle with the Arikara tribe.
  • Skirmish with the shoshone

    Glass leads a trapping party based out of Santa Fe to the Utah Country and is later wounded with an arrow in the back after getting into a skirmish with the shoshone tribe.With him getting into a skirmish with multiple tribes shows that he doesn't like natives that much you can see that because he gets into tons of battles with multiple different tribes.