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  • Germany surrenders to Allies

    -they lost world war 1 and were forced to sign unfavorable treaty of versailles
  • Beer Hall Pustch

    Hitler attempts to overthrow the German government( did not work)
  • Hyperinflation

    prices rose so fast it became out of the governments control( price of bread in 1923)

    Hitler uses trial to give huge speech further blaming Jews for problems of Germany
  • Anne Frank was born

    Anne Frank was born
  • great depression

  • Hitler becomes chancllor of germany

    Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and he gained so much power because the Germans were just so out of hope that they would let basically anyone try to fix their problems.he also became the chancellor which then gave him more power so he decided to use that power and kill a bunch of Jews
  • Reichstag Fire

    hitler blames communists for fire
  • enabling act

    basically gives power of decision to hitler
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nazi´s needed a way to identify Jews so they could discriminate them.
    - forbid Jews from marrying other non-Jews
  • Kristallnacht

    the Nazis torched and invaded many Jewish homes,synagogues, buses and schools and the Nazis killed about 100 Jews because they felt like they shouldn't be able to live.
  • Nazis begin rounding up millions of Jews and confining them to Ghettos

    Largest Ghettos were in cities like Warsaw or Lodz in Poland
  • Euthanasia Program

    systematically killing those deemed ¨ unworthy of life¨ due to either physical disabilitys or illness
  • Germany Invades Poland

    which has 3 million Jews in its population WWI begins.
    After going to Poland the amount of Jews went up to around 3 million Jews
  • Wannsee Confrene

    Nazi leaders approve the ¨FINAL SOLUTION¨ or plan to exterminate the Jews
  • Warsaw Ghetto uprising

    in this time people were trying to save the jews to see if al the christians could save them.

    camps throughout Europe are liberated by allied forces.

    hitler commits suicide rather than face capture by the soveit red army
  • Period: to

    republic style of government

    the president was a popular war hero named Hindenburg but his health began to fail him in the early 1930´s
  • Period: to


    The Holocaust was a horrible time in Jewish history that ended in many Jewish lives being killed and it lasted about 12 years.
  • Period: to

    world war I

  • Period: to


    mobile killing squads or action Commandos. as the army advanced into the Soviet Union, these groups would round up Jews from the newly occupied areas and kill them usually by shooting.
  • Period: to

    Camo Rebellions

  • Period: to

    death marches

  • Period: to

    Nuremberg trials

    the allies and the international community put a number of Germans on trials for war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity