Holocaust Unit

Timeline created by maxwell4545
  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Price of Bread

    Cost of a 2lbs loaf of bread December 1920- 3.37 marks
    December 1921- 3.90 marks
    December 1922- 163.15 marks
    January 1923- 474 marks
    July 1923- 3,465 marks
    August 1923- 69,000 marks
    September 1923- 1.512 million marks
    October 1923- 1.743 billion marks
    November 1923- 201 billion marks
    December 1923- 399 billion marks
  • Hyper Inflation

  • Beerhall Putsch

  • Hitler on Trial

  • Great Depression

  • Anne Frank is born

    Anne Frank is born
  • Became Chancellor

  • Reichstag Fire

  • Enabling Act


    Mass killing of 11 million people by the Nazis and Hitler, the dictator of Germany.
  • Nuremburg Law

  • Impact of Nuremburg Laws

  • Smuggling/ Ghetto

  • Kristallnacht

  • Germany Invades Poland

  • Ghettos

  • Euthanasia Program

    -systematically killing those deemed "unworthy of life" due to physical disability/ mental illness
  • WWII #2

  • WWII #3

  • Camp

    -taken forcibly
    -played mind games with them ¨work will set you free¨
    -packed into trains
    -no light, air, or breaks
    -many died on the way
    -everything was taken from them
    -Gas chamber and labor
    -Killed people in gas chamber who were pregnant, too young, too old, sick, disabled etc.
    -after dead hair was shaved and teeth were taken out
    -all living people had jobs
    - worked till they died
    -bread made of saw dust and soup from rotten veggies
  • Zyklon B

  • Wannsee Conference

  • Anne's Family Goes into hiding

    Anne's Family Goes into hiding
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

  • Defeated

    Allies defeated the Nazis and Hitler. They went to camps and saved all the people who were left. Many people still do NOT know what happened to their family.
  • D.P. Camps

  • Nuremberg Trials

  • Liberation

  • Death of Hitler

  • Mr. Frank returns to the annex

  • Period: to

    Republic style of Government

    -vote for people who make decisions
    - Example: america
    - have president
  • Period: to

    Republic Style Government

  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Camp Rebellion

  • Period: to

    Death Marches