History Time Line of Space Race

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In History
  • Sputnik Launch [Soviets]

  • The Establishment of NASA [America]

  • Tiros1 The First Weather Satilight [America]

  • First Man in Space [Soviets]

  • J.F.K.'s Goal Speech [America]

  • Jhon Glen Orbits Earth 3 Times [America]

  • J.F.K.'s Asassanation :{

  • Alexei Leonov Spends 12 Secounds in Space First Space Walker [Soveits]

  • Mariner Gets Close up Images of Mars [America]

  • Apollo 11 Landing [America]

  • Period: to

    The Space Race

  • Period: to

    J.F.K.'s life through the space race