History of Vaporwave

Timeline created by bdrian
  • Beginnings

    In 2010, Daniel Lopatin or his stage name Oneohtrix Point Never, a electronic music producer, released the first ever Vaporwave album under the name Chuck Person named Eccojams 1. The album itself included multiple 80's songs that were slowed down and split into segments, which was then repeated in a song. Lopatin released the album as a joke, just for fun but it became a minor hit over the internet which inspired others to start what is to known today as Vaporwave.
  • Minor Attraction

    Minor Attraction
    After the overnight success of Eccojams 1, we can see the start of Vaporwave, the release of Skeleton and Holograms both by 骨架的 (Skeleton). 骨架的 was one of the first artist aside from Lopatin to gain some attention from the Vaporwave aesthetic music, but not as much.
  • Vektroid

    Vektroid, a young electronic artist starts to dabble in Vaporwave, and releases Dendrite, her first somewhat hit, gardening her a bit of attention. Not knowing she will soon release one or the most influential pieces in Vaporwave history and become a icon in Vaporwave.
  • Instrumental

    In 2011, James Ferraro a electronic artist, released Far Side Virtual, a mellow but upbeat album which he drew inspiration from back then internet culture and globalization. The album was instrumental as long with Eccojams 1, as both would help lead to the most iconic Vaporwave song and album.
  • Iconic Floral Shoppe

    Iconic Floral Shoppe
    In 2011, Vektroid releases Floral Shoppe under the name Macintosh Plus, which is one of or if not the most influential album in Vaporwave. The album consists of chopped up 80's soul and funk songs which were slowed down and played on loop, One song especially, リサフランク420 - 現代のコンピュー translating to Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing, grew very popular, and pretty much became synonym to Vaporwave. The song lead the way for new Vaporwave music in the future, and is still listened to today.
  • Vaporwave is Dead

    Vaporwave is Dead
    In 2012, a electronic producer under the name Internet Club releases a multitude of albums delving into capitalism and corporate themes and using a similar sound as Floral Shop, this gained traction and changed the aesthetic of Vaporwave for that time. The new aesthetic was using old TV commercials like old Pepsi adds and playing music over them. With the corporate themes and capitalism, most people could not connect to the music and claimed that Vaporwave was dead as the genre died down.
  • Shift

    Blank banshee after releasing the self titled album Blank Banshee 0, gave new hope to the Vaporwave genre. Blank Banshee moved away from the capitalist themes and took influence from 骨架的's Skeleton album with it's slow and mellow sound and invoking trap elements over obscure songs, creating the new sound of Vaporwave reviving the genre.
  • Atmosphere 1

    Atmosphere 1
    Atmosphere 1 by Eco Virtual was suppose to sound like music from a forecast channel, it has long and dreary melodies which made the listeners uncomfortable. When the album gained attention, Eco Virtual gave his definition of Vaporwave, Virtual said that the whole appeal of Vaporwave was its anonymity, it was unique and refreshing that Vaporwave feels like it was found from random when everything around us is not private.
  • New Sound

    New Sound
    Romantic Dreamer released by Hong Kong Express was made to produce a cinematic journey through a night on a subway carriage in Hong Kong with someone close to you, therefore the name Romantic Dreamer. This album paved the way to the new sound of Vaporwave, a sound with narrative, by creating a atmosphere where the listener would feel immersed and transported to an album's place of choice. The narrative was usually expressing escapism and fantasy.
  • Vaperror

    In June of 2014, Vaperror, a electronic artist releases Mana Pool a new album that has a more trap focus using computer generated sounds. This made pushed Vaporwave to a little more mainstream area since trap was more popular at that time, which opened up to new listeners taking a interest in Vaporwave.
  • Divide in the Community

    Divide in the Community
    One of the most controversial album was released by Darkpyramid named Floral Shoppe 2. The album was a mess with songs changing themes randomly, with by random scenes not correlating with the theme. Darkpryamid came out and said the album was a concept album, Dark wondered if people really cared for the aesthetic of Vaporwave and released the album to see. Some of community thought the album was genius but others thought it was terrible, in the end left some members against concept albums.
  • 2814

    Telepath and Hong Kong Express collaborated together to create 2814 and released the concept album 新しい日の誕生 translated to The birth of a new day. The album took from synth music and included piano and heavy base to create original songs. The album grew quick and was praised to take over Floral Shoppe's place in Vaporwave History. Hong Kong Express explained that Vaporwave was all about making the listener feel something that they can't explain.
  • Vaporwave in the Future

    Vaporwave in the Future
    Vaporwave will continue growing, what I put in this timeline is what I could find and in my opinion the most significant events that has changed Vaporwave. Vaporwave is an expression and has a small but dedicated following. Vaporwaave is a subculture of electronic music but is slowly making its way up and is more prevalent in today's society. I see Vaporwave as more as a art form then just random sounds, it is a culture i believe will grow and grow and I hope you give it a listen.