History of the Draft

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  • First Peacetime Draft

    First Peacetime Draft
    Prior to entry into WWII a draft was initiated to prepare for increased worldly hostilities. Many people were made nervous by this decision and others disproved of it as they felt America had no place in WWII.
  • Registration Expires

    Registration Expires
    The Registration act expires and the Selective Service enters "Standby". No one had to register for the draft until the 1980s.
  • Last Induction

    Last Induction
    The last man is inducted into the army via the draft to the Vietnam War. The draft has not been executed since.
  • Mandatory Registration Resumes

    Mandatory Registration Resumes
    Every male must register with the Selective Service system. This continues even today, and the government is considering adding females into the draft registry as well.
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    Civil War/ First Drafts

    The first known conscription was done during the Civil War. The system was dissolved after the civil war ended. This would also happen again during WWI
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    WWI Induction

    2,810,296 Men are inducted into the military via a temporary government organization. This was dissolved after hostilities were over.
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    WWII Induction

    10,110,104 Men are inducted into the military via the Selective Service System. There is little to no complaint over this as many were angry over the bombings at Pearl Harbor.
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    Korean War Induction

    1,529,539 Men are inducted via the Selective Service System. The system remains on standby after this event due to cold war tensions.
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    Vietnam War Induction

    1,857,304 Men are inducted via the Selective Service System. Many civilians who disprove of the war mame themselves, change their names, or seek asylum in Canada to avoid the draft.