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  • Revolutions of 1848

    In 1848 multiple revolutions occurred throughout Europe. This happened due to lack of food, economic depression, and poor governments. The reason it eventually failed was because of the lack of support.
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    Industrial Revolution

    There were many leads into the industrial revolution, the main one being the rise in capitalism. This caused low employment rates because of the automation in jobs.
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    American Revolution

    The revolution began when Americans were being treated unfairly in Britain. After the French and Indian war taxes went up and people were priced for absurd items. This led in a revolution, causing people to eventually break away and form a new country called The United States of America
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    French Revolution

    two decades of poor harvests, The main cause of the revolution was drought, cattle disease, skyrocketing bread prices and unfair treatments towards the citizens. This ended in Napoleon overthrowing the government and caused a complete change in social and political views in France
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    Haitian Revolution

    The revolution in Haitian began when social instability started and caused unrest in Saint Domingue. It ultimately ended in independence for the rebelling colonies.
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    Russian Revolution

    The causes of the revolution occurred when lower class Russians were treated unfairly after WWI. This led in a uprising that led in victory for Lenin’s Red Army and establishing the Soviet Union.
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    Xinhai Revolution

    The revolution occurred due to the decline in Qing State, which ultimately was proven ineffective to China. Many Anti-Qing rose and eventually overthrew Qing.
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    Chinese Communist Revolution

    The revolution in China began after the Second Sino-Japanese War. The war caused economical issues (Like the ones in britain that caused america to move) and it eventually led into a revolution between people and the government.
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    Cuban Revolution

    The cuban revolution was caused by a series of event examples being the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista's government, the establishment of a revolutionary government, the Bay of Pigs invasion and more. It ended with Batista being driven out of the country.
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    Iranian Revolution

    Unlike most revolutions, the Iranian revolution was caused by a reform in culture. This caused a new kind of revolution that sparked in Iran.