history of radio

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  • Heinrich hertz

    Heinrich hertz
    hertz proved he could make a signal go from one place to another without a wire
  • first Tesla coil

    first Tesla coil
    Nicola Tesla made is first Tesla coil, which is widely used in radio today
  • marconi's macaroni

    marconi's macaroni
    marconi sent the first transatlantic message from Ireland to Newfoundland Canada.
  • KDKA 1020

    KDKA 1020
    Pittsburgh has the first radio broadcasting station in the us
  • first radio commercial

    first radio commercial
    the first radio commercial was for an apartment complex
  • FCC created

    FCC created
    federal communications commission
  • diversity explosion

    diversity explosion
    after the Great Depression, radio became an escape for people, and shows started blowing up. shows like Amos and Andy, and little orphan Annie
  • radio killed the newspaper star

    radio killed the newspaper star
    the amount of radio receivers is higher than newspapers printed daily
  • abc launches radio 1

    abc launches radio 1
  • first digital radio transmitter

    It was reported that Cambridge Consultants had developed the first fully digital radio transmitter