History of Mathematics Education

Timeline created by jussev
  • The first chair of education established at the University of Halle

  • France begins civil service testing (China began in 2200 BC)

  • Lectures in education given at University of Uppsala in Sweden.

  • Napolean created a school for prospective mathematics teachers.

  • Boston School Committee undertakes "comprehensive school survey" related to written tests.

  • American universities, Brown and Michigan, establish first permanent professorship in education.

  • Britian's first chair of education at University of Edinburgh.

  • Book on education as a science was published by Alexander Bain.

  • New York College for the Training of Teachers established.

  • New York College became affiliated with Columbia University as it's teacher college.

  • New York College for the Training of Teachers was discredited by Henri Fehr.

  • International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics was formed in Rome.

  • Thirteen education staff members in German universities.

  • First thesis in mathematics education was written for a British university.

  • First doctoral degree in education was obtained by Rudolph Schimmack.

  • Period: to

    Martin Ohm published books on mathematics education.