History of Air Transportation

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  • First Hot Air Ballons were Invented

    First Hot Air Ballons were Invented
    The Montgolfier brothers invented the first ever hot air ballon, first time people had flown.
  • First Plane was Flown

    First Plane was Flown
    The Wright Brothers flew the first ever plane 120 feet, did not catch on until later though.
  • Fist Helicopter was invented

    First helicopter was invented, very unsuccessful.
  • The first flight across the Atlantic occured

    Lindbergh had the first successful flight across the Atlantic Ocean, it took 33 hours.
  • First Modern Helicopter was Invented

    First Modern Helicopter was Invented
  • First year where planes carried more people across the Atlantic than ocean liners

    For the first time ever, planes had become more popular than boats in terms of travel.
  • Boeing 707 took its first commercial airline flight

    This flight inspired commercial airlines to begin, in a few years most major nations had commercial airlines.
  • Terrorist Attacks on the WTC, Pentagon, and the White House occured

    These attacks caused an increased amount of air security, and a dip in air travel for a few years, major event in US history