Historical Timeline of Special Education

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  • First Attempt to Teach Mentally Retarded Children

    Dr.Jean-Marc Itard and Dr.Edouard Seguin were the first two individuals to attempt to teach mentally retarded children A note on policy
  • Classes for Children with Disabilities Stir

    In urban communities there started to stir the possibility of having classes for children with disabilities Beverly Schools
  • The Council for Exceptional Children was founded

    The Council was founded to start organizing teachers that could teach children with disabilities CEC Official Website
  • Association of Retarded Citizens Formed

  • The Start of Special Programs for Children with Exceptionalities

    In certain states, such as California and Illinois, special programs for children with exceptionalities were beginning All Education
  • the United Cerebral Palsy Association formed

  • Apgar test Developed

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

  • Movement to Study Effects of Environment Began

    Around 1960, a movement began to discover how the environment played a role in effecting exceptionalities Learning Disabilities and the Environment
  • the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities Formed

  • Public Law (PL) 88-164

    Gives funding for training professionals to work with children with special needs Official Law
  • Civil Rights Act

  • the Handicapped Children’s Early Education Assistance Act

  • Rehabilitation Act

  • the Education for All Handicapped Children Act Passed

  • the Education for All Handicapped Children Act to Effect

  • Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences

  • PL 99–457 Education of the Handicapped Act Amendment Made

    Extended age to as early as birth IDEA
  • Shift to Understanding how Hereditary and Environment Interact

    There was a shift in understanding to realize how the effects of the environment effect hereditary factors. Genetic and Enviroment Interact
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • No Child Left Behind Act

  • Initial Goals of Human Genome Project Reached

    The international project resulting in discoveries that included discoveries related to children with exceptionalities. Genome
  • IDEA

    Making more quality personnel, setting IEP standards, and providing transition services. What is an IEP?
  • Every Student Succeeds Act