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  • Hezbollah Formed

    Hezbollah was formed. The goal of this newly founded organization was to end Israel’s occupation in southern Lebanon.
  • Hezbollah Gains Support

    Many Middle Eastern countries hate Israel for many reasons. However because the U.S. put Israel on the map, many of these countries cannot oppose Israel-due to political implications. When Hezbollah stepped forth and declared that they were finally going to do something about the Jewish Nation, many countries jumped at this opportunity to combat Israel without getting politics (the U.S.) involved. One of these supporting countries was Iran who gave Hezbollah two-thousand Iranian Revolutionary Gu
  • Embassy Bombing

    Hezbollah attacks for the first time leaving dozens dead. In the early formation of this organization attacking the United States of America was the fastest way to receive publicity. This initial suicide bombing targeted the US embassy building in Beirut, Lebanon. Sixty-three lives were murdered, a hundred more injured.
  • Barrack Bombing

    Hezbollah joined forces with the larger Islamic Jihad Organization and bombed the United States of America’s and France’s barracks in the same location as the first attack months before. The bombs took 299 lives, injuring dozens more. Hezbollah has only attacked the U.S. directly a few times. They changed tactics because the U.S. was destroying Hezbollah so fast that they wouldn’t last long with the U.S. an active enemy
  • TWA Flight 847

    Hezbollah’s most publicized and most renowned act of terror was the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. Members of Hezbollah held the passengers hostage for three days. Their demands were that some 700 Shiite Muslims were released from Israeli custody. Passengers with Jewish sounding names were taken and separated from the others. Though Hezbollah was not targeting Americans, they were still a force not to be forgotten. This was demonstrated when Navy Seal diver Robert Stethem was killed and dumped on
  • Manifesto Published

    Hezbollah becomes recognized world wide with their release of their manifesto. This document outlined what their goals were. The manifesto stated Hezbollah will continue their struggle until Israelis and its allies (U.S.A. and France) were completely expelled from Lebanon. Hezbollah also wanted a political party called the Lebanese Phalanges Party; in English they are referred to as the Phalanges; to be tried and brought to justice for crimes they committed against Muslims and Christians.
  • Hezbollah Wins...

    After 18 long years Israeli Troops finally pull out of southern Lebanon. The Constant pressure of Hezbollah along with other terrorist organizations won out and Lebanon was free of Israeli presence
  • War With Israel

    Amidst the battles and skirmishes with Israel Hezbollah was receiving weapons from all over the Middle East. At their height Hezbollah had over 65,000 fighters and thousands of missiles. This is why Israel backed out of southern Lebanon in early 2000
  • Hezbollah In Politics

    Hezbollah takes a turn for the good. Moving away from violence and corruption to obtain their goals Hezbollah gets political. Hezbollah has twelve seats in the Lebanonese Parliament. This way they can now have their ideas heard without resorting to murder and scare tactics. In addition to the twelve seats they have in Parliament they also have two in the cabinet.
  • A Change of Perspective

    With major attacks a bad memory in the past Hezbollah leader, Hasan Nasr Nasrallah really changed the perspective of the world around Hezbollah. With his leadership and path towards a legitimate organization, very few counties still even consider it an action terrorist organization. These countries include, the U.S.A. and the U.K. *NO SPECIFIC DATE*