Health Decade Timeline

Timeline created by MatthewPrinz
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    I will try to eat food which is high in protein to try to gain more muscle mass. My physical activity will be a mixture of swimming/running and weight lifting. My preventive health care will be getting check ups every 2 years.
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    I will exercise cardiovascularly more and try to eat not as much, and try to eat healthy foods. I will have a testicular exam, as recommended by a physician.
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    I will still focus on cardiovascular exercise. I will continue to eat healthy foods with not much fat or sugar in them. I will continue to have physical checkups from my physician.
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    I will continue my cardiovascular exercise. I will have checkups from my physician. I will continue to eat healthy food.
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    I will continue to exercise cardiovascularly, but I will of course decrease the stress of it as time goes on and as I age. I will eat healthy food and I will continue with checkhups when necessary.