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  • Father

    George Tryon Harding was born
  • Mother

    Phoebe Elizabeth Harding was born
  • Parents Married

    Parents Married
    George Tryon Harding married Phoebe Elizabeth Harding in Marion, Ohio
  • Home

    Harding was born in Ohio and spent most of his life there
  • Birth date and place

    Birth date and place
    Warren G Harding was born
  • Religion

    Was raised to be a Baptist
  • Went to Colledge

    Went to Colledge
    Warren G Harding went to Ohio Central College in Marion, Ohio in 1879
  • Graduated College

    Graduated College
    Warren G Harding graduated from Ohio Central College
  • Party

    Became a Republican
  • Married

    Warren G Harding married Florence Kling De Wolfe
  • Mother died

    Mother died
    Phoebe Elizabeth died
  • Drinking Scandle

    Drinking Scandle
    Harding was very into drinking and gambling when it became illegal to drink in office a few years before and even gambled away something that belonged to the White House
  • Music

    Harding began playing alto horn in a band with his friends
  • Presidential Quote

    Presidential Quote
    Harding used "return to normalcy" as his main focus in winning the election
  • James M. Cox

    James M. Cox
    was who he was running against
  • Electoral vote

    Electoral vote
    He won 404 electoral votes and Cox won 127
  • Became President

    Became President
    Haring was made 29th president of the United States
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    Harding made Calvin Coolidge his VP
  • Thopmson-Urrutia treaty

    Thopmson-Urrutia treaty
    paying the south American nation $25 million for the loss of Panama in 1903
  • Signed the Emergency Quota

    Signed the Emergency Quota
    cutting the number of immigrants from any nation in 1910
  • Emergency Tariff Act

    Emergency Tariff Act
    raises tariffs on farm products...years later, Fordney-Mccumber Tariff Act: to protect American farmers from overseas competition
  • Budget and Accounting Act

    Budget and Accounting Act
    Bureau of the budget and General Accounting Office became apart of the Treasury Department.
  • replacement of cheif

    replacement of cheif
    replaced Edward D. White as chief justice of the supreme court with William Howard Taft
  • Herbert conference

    Herbert conference
    Had Herbert Hoover lead a conference to examine the rising unemployment rate.
  • Revenue Act of 1921

    Revenue Act of 1921
    Harding permutated the democrats to pass the Revenue Act in 1921
  • Charles Evans Hughes

    Charles Evans Hughes
    became his secretary of state
  • Andrew Mellon

    Andrew Mellon
    became his secretary of treasury
  • First President to go to Alaska

    First President to go to Alaska
    Harding became the first ever president to go to Alaska
  • Death date and place

    Death date and place
    Harding died of a heart attack in San Francisco, Calif at the age of 55 and was buried at Marion Cemetery in Marion, Ohio.
  • Father died

    Father died
    George Tryon Harding died