Ghana: 1945-2017

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  • Ghanaian Representation

    Ghanaian Representation
    British occupiers are weakened and give into African political representation but don't fully transfer power.
  • Rioting

    Riots break out in Accra over the death of Ghanaian veterans. 29 people are killed, hundreds are wounded.
  • Ghana's New Voice

    Ghana's New Voice
    Ghanaian Kwame Nkrumah becomes the first African prime minister.
  • A Step Forward

    A Step Forward
    Nkruma is appointed president of the republic.
  • A Fallen Idol

    A Fallen Idol
    William Edward Burghardt du Bois, a major contributor to Pan-African movement and idol to Nkruma, dies in Accra, Ghana.
  • Dictatorship

    Nkruma suspends democracy and Ghana becomes a single-party state, attaining the status of a dictator.
  • A Peaceful Coup

    A Peaceful Coup
    A peaceful military coup ends Nkruma's reign.
  • Nkruma Passes

    Nkruma Passes
    Kwame Nkruma dies Guinea. He is a respected founder of Ghana despite past failures.
  • New Military Power

    New Military Power
    A second military coup is enacted placing Colonel Ignatius Aecheampong in power.
  • 1978

    Acheampong is forced to resign due to his incompetence and enforcement od corruption. William Akuffo replaces him.
  • New Leadership

    New Leadership
    AFRC turns over power to Hilla Limann. Limann and his new government are unpopular with most.
  • Uprisings

    Jerry Rawlings leads an uprising placing the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) in a position of power. The goal of their coup is to end political corruption.
  • Resignation

    As Jerry Rawlings ideologies become increasingly popular, Limann's support fades and he is forced to resign.
  • Power Returned

    Power Returned
    Jerry Rawlings takes power once again with the aim to restore democracy in Ghana.
  • Out of a Depression

    Out of a Depression
    Ghana begins to show its climb out of an economic depression and Ghana acquires the title of having the highest growth rate in Africa.
  • NCD

    Rawlings forms the National Commission for Democracy.
  • New Democratic Constitution

    New Democratic Constitution
    A new democratic constitution is passed freeing all political prisoners and rival parties are allowed.
  • Expired

    The new democratic constitution introduces terms. Rawlings term has expired.
  • Period: to

    Unsuccessful Coups

    Several attempts are made at disassembling Rawling's government, but none are successful.