French Indian war: Percy McConnell

Timeline created by percymcconnell
  • the begining

    France and England had for a long time, been fighting to dominate North American territory.
  • Fort Nessesity

  • Washington thinks hes done for

    With the strategy of the Natives on their side the French were in a much more stable place when held next to English, After the first battle Washington retreats with only a few men left.
  • The Forbes Expedition

    Officer Forbes led an army of seven thousand British men toward Fort Dunquesne. The commander of the French had grown so worried about not having suitable defences, that in November of 1758, before the British had arrived to take the French fort, he made the order for it to be burned. Thus the British took Dunquesne without needing to fire a shot. The British are now winning the war.
  • Washingtons resignation from the army

    After successfully driving the French from almost all of their claimed territory in America, Washington resigns his position in the military with plans to wed and begin his carrier in politics.
  • The End

    By 1760 the French had been expelled from Canada and all of their US territory. By 1763 all of the Frenchs' European allies had been defeated or otherwise lost intrest in France. The Spanishs' attempt to aid France had failed, and the French were finally forced to wave the white flag. This concluded the war.
  • Period: to

    French Indian war

    started over territorial issues. France and England wanted the same land.The Natives wanted land too, the English had a grudge against the natives, and didnt want to give them land; this made it hard to hold aliences. The French on the other hand were allies with multipule tribes.